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Our Mission: Kantara is the global consortium improving trustworthy use of identity and personal data through innovation, standardization, and good practice.

What Is Kantara Initiative?
Kantara Initiative is a business acceleration organization that is a global, open, and transparent community stakeholder experts representing enterprise deployers, mobile operators, service providers, eGovernment agencies, IT vendors, and consumer electronics vendors. Kantara Initiative Members collaboratively harmonize and innovate to solve technical and policy interoperability challenges.

What does Kantara Initiative seek to accomplish?
To accelerate adoption of digital identity relationship solutions to support and simplify our connected world.

What is unique about Kantara Initiative?
Kantara Initiative founders, members, and participants recognize the success individual organizations and initiatives have in the market today, but they also recognize that the industry is at a crossroad leading to the evolution of relationship based identity management solutions.

Evolving Identity

How does Kantara Initiative impact the the evolution of Identity Management?
Today organizations of all types are faced with permanent change – in technology, markets, business models, and regulation. This continuously changing environment applies for organizations big and small, as well as local and global. Additionally, Internet of Things (IoT) services adoption is becoming pervasive and the identity data of people, organizations, applications and devices effectively represents a user’s digital DNA.The programs and innovations of Kantara Initiative consistently drive user connections towards more natively trustworthy means.  The Kantara Initiative vision of a more natively trustworthy connected life focuses two initiatives:

  • Connected Life
    As the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes pervasive, Kantara Initiative is taking a lead to discover strategic issues at the intersection of identity, IoT, and usability. Our Members innovate and develop programs that simplify our increasingly complex connected life. Networked devices and sensors make up the fabric of the Internet of Things. Leveraging mobile devices, sensors, and wearables is the future of identity and personal data.  This is our connected life. This track includes Kantara initiatives like

  • Trust Services
    While connections to digital services and technologies grow, data generated by those connections is a challenge to manage. In the landscape of identity, security, and access technology and policy, varying national approaches and schemes exist. Governments and industry are connecting more and more to leverage their strengths for provision of services. This is the world of borderless IdM, where governments and industry seek to harmonize. This track includes Kantara initiatives including

Trust Framework Provider

What is a Trust Framework Provider?
A Trust Framework PROVIDER operates programs that verify organizational adoption OF varying sets of business & technical policies and profiles. To do this Kantara Initiative Accredits Assessors and Approves Credential Service Providers.  The current list of adopters can be found here.What communities have adopted Kantara Initiative Trust Framework Provider Services?
Kantara Initiative is the premier US Federal Trust Framework Provider with adopters including organizational leaders including Experian, Symantec, and Verizon. Kantara Initiative has also made contributions to ISO and ITU-T and is reference by government programs including Canada and Sweden.


What kind of community are you joining?

  • Vendors: CA Technologies, Experian, ForgeRock, Radiant Logic, Verizon, Symantec, SecureKey,
  • Policy and governance experts: Internet Society, OECD-ITAC
  • Influential Research experts: Nomura Research Institute (NRI)
  • Standards-setting liaisons: IEEE-SA, ISO, ITU-T
  • Government & public sector: Government Agency members from across the globe
  • View the Kantara Trustees and Members.

What is the organizational, membership and fee structure of Kantara Initiative?
Kantara Initiative has been uniquely formed to ensure barriers to participation are low, which means all individuals and organizations are able to participate in the development of Kantara Initiative Member driven innovations. A full membership information kit is available in the Membership portal.

What are the participation benefits?
Kantara Initiative makes it easier to leverage a network of experts to develop solutions that are delivered to the market faster. Kantara Initiative Members gain premier access to:

  1. Strategic development to support your industry
  2. Develop pilots and partnerships
  3. Bridge gaps to connect and leverage markets for adoption
  4. Consultation to help identify opportunities and fad vs trend
  5. Share resources with your colleagues to innovate market building Identity Services
  6. Mingle with international experts
  7. Leverage our liaison relationships
  8. Visibility as a proven industry leader
  9. Influence industry through members only meetings, events, and opportunities
  10. Access to the Connected Life and Trust Service initiatives
Benefits Include
Set Organizational
International Liaison Organization Promotion Assurance Program Access Member Vote WG/DG Vote Participation
Trustee X X X X X X X X X
Member &
Individual Contributor X X X
Participant X X

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