What industry leading organizations are saying about Kantara Initiative:

We are excited to be a part of the core process of improving online transactions. We feel that the work the Kantara Initiative does helps improve the security and privacy controls of a vast array technologies and user data which, ultimately, enhances usability. As Assessors we will work with our clients to help improve their security and privacy posture and ultimately enable new services for their products.

– Kimble & Associates (renamed KUMA in 2017)


We believe that a collaborative effort is needed to create the framework and standards for successfully managing the billions of identities and the federation capabilities that will be needed as the IoE explodes, and that the results of this effort should be made publicly available. GlobalSign heartily endorses the Kantara Initiative’s focus on developing a better trusted identity framework. Actually GlobalSign’s team has been active in the Kantara Initiative even before it began – via Ubisecure of Helsinki which Globalsign acquired in September 2014, which was a part of Kantara’s predecessor, the Liberty Alliance. Since the Kantara Initiative’s formation in 2009, Ubisecure has held leadership roles in the Kantara Initiative’s telecommunications identity and eGovernment working groups, and participated in testing programs now coordinated by Kantara Initiative to ensure interoperability and standards. Team members currently participate in the Identity of Things (IDoT) discussion group and will be joined by others in our organization, as we expand our focus on identity relationship and access management services.


We have always believed that a collaborative and open environment for creating industry standards provides significant benefits to our customers, and therefore to us. The mission and membership of Kantara supports these goals of collaboration and innovation, and therefore we continue to strongly support and remain active in its activities.

-CA Technologies

We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead for this market. As revolutionary as eCommerce was nearly a decade ago, the advent of ubiquitous mobility is dramatically changing everything from data storage to content delivery to security and authentication. As we are increasingly challenged to maintain users’ privacy while safely improving online convenience, we view authentication as pivotal. Our briidge.net solutions form the technology foundation of our strategy, and we are pleased to be able to share our experiences with the Kantara Initiative community going forward.

– SecureKey

We joined the Kantara Initiative because we believe that standards will ultimately provide the common foundation that allows the identity ecosystem to thrive. Given the fluid, fast moving nature of the digital identity industry, we felt it was of paramount importance to have a seat at the table as standards emerge and are codified. We are so happy we chose Kantara as our Trust Framework. The leadership team at Kantara has been incredibly responsive and helpful.

– ID.me / TroopID

“The Internet and the new media are becoming a familiar part of everyday life. When using new technologies one usually requires a context-driven identification as a particular person or partial identity. Interoperable identity technologies become therefore more and more important in our heterogenic world. This is why Kantara Initiative is working on the establishment of user-centric views of identity solutions.”

– Jens Fromm, Head of the research group ‘Secure Identities’ at Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS

“Federated technologies have rightly become central to how identity-centric security is enabled on the Web and for the Cloud. However troublesome meta-issues, such as interoperability, usability, privacy, liability, business models, and trust have stood in the way of even faster adoption. The Kantara Initiative has proven to provide an effective forum where industry experts can get together to solve those issues for the benefit of the entire identity management ecosystem.”

– Matthew Gardiner, Director, CA Security Business

“We are pleased to see the Kantara Initiative emerge on the global stage as an effective organization that builds bridges between various identity-related projects. The Internet Society believes strongly in fostering open, generative work that builds toward harmonized standards efforts.  Kantara has proven itself to be an organization where a diverse set of international stakeholders, including enterprise, individuals, and regulators, can collaborate within rapidly-changing environments. Kantara is a valuable addition to the Internet Ecosystem and we look forward to continuing to participating in the organization and encourage the open discussion resulting in viable solutions.”

– Lucy Lynch, Director of Trust and Identity Initiatives, Internet Society (ISOC) & Kantara Initiative Secretary

“Building bridges between the fragmented islands of Identity Technologies such as InfoCard/OpenID/SAML/XDI will positively impact the future internet business and personal identity management. I expect that the launch of Kantara Initiative will accelerate technological innovation and the interoperability. By expanding this effort around the world, it will help users to have an ability to better manage and protect their online digital identities.re internet business will be positively affected by jumping the technology barrier to derive the maximum benefit from authentication technologies such as OpenID.  I expect that the launch of Kantara Initiative will accelerate technological innovation and enhancement of interoperability. By expanding this effort around the world, it will help provide more users with the ability to better manage and protect their digital identities online.”

– Nat Sakimura, Senior Researcher, Nomura Research Institute, Ltd, and Vice Chairman, XDI.org

“With significant investment in federated identity management, it is important to engage across the spectrum of identity consortia and the Department does just that.   In Kantara’s case, it is the thought leadership that sets it apart.  From the world’s first  eGov Profile of SAML 2.0, to the world’s first industry-agnostic Trust Framework Provider program, it should be obvious to any federated identity deployer that a Kantara relationship is an essential ingredient.”

– Colin Wallis, Department of Internal Affairs, New Zealand Government