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File Download: Consumer Identity Workgroup Interim Report

Title: Consumer Identity Workgroup Interim Report

Version: 1.0

Date: 2010-10-14

Editor: Bob Pinheiro

Status: This document is a Kantara Initiative Work Group Report, approved by the Consumer Identity WG (see section 3.9 and 4 of the Kantara Initiative Operating Procedures)


This Interim Report consists of a Executive Summary, followed by a series of slide images that describe the high assurance consumer identity problem that CIWG is trying to address, as well as questions that need to be answered in seeking to provide solutions. It also describes CIWG’s deliverables and next steps.
Following this are three appendices that capture material already present on the CIWG website. This material established the basis for defining the high assurance consumer identity problem that CIWG seeks to address.

  • Appendix A describes high assurance consumer identity “needs”, and the corresponding needs of Service Providers / Relying Parties to satisfy consumer needs.
  • Appendix B contains scenarios and uses cases previously proposed that describe an abstract view of the identity assertions or claims pertinent to high assurance consumer transactions.
  • Appendix C contains definitions of terms used throughout.

Filename: CIWG-Interim-Report-Oct-2010.pdf

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