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File Download: Kantara Initiative_IAWG_US FPC Report_v2.0.pdf

Title:Additional Requirements for Credential Service Providers: US Federal Privacy Criteria Version: 2.0

Date: 2012-02-15

Editor: David Wasley, Joni Brennan

Status: This document is a Kantara Initiative Report, approved by the Identity Assurance WG (see section 3.8 of the Kantara Initiative Operating Procedures)

This Kantara Initiative Additional Requirements for Credential Service Providers (CSPs) describes criteria that must be met by CSPs that are certified under the Kantara Identity Assurance Framework (IAF) and desire additional certification for interoperation with US Federal Agency applications under the Open Government program.

Filename: Kantara Initiative_IAWG_US FPC Report_v2.0.pdf

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