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File Download: REST/SOAP Harmonization proposal for Identity-based Web-Services

Title: REST/SOAP Harmonization proposal for Identity-based Web-Services

Version: 0.4

Date: 2012-10-16

Editor: Gaël Gourmelen

Status: This document is a Kantara Initiative Draft Report that has been approved by the Telecommunications Identity WG/DG (see section 3.9 and 4 of the Kantara Initiative
Operating Procedures)

The aim of this document is to propose a solution in order to provide an easy and consistent way for both Web Service Clients and Web Service Providers to respectively invoke or expose Identity-based APIs through both REST and SOAP flavors, taking into account both legacy aspects and growing adoption of the OAuth standard.

Filename: kantara-draft-report-tiwg-REST-SOAP-harmonization-proposal-0 4.pdf

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