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File Download: The Information Sharing Report

Title: The Information Sharing Report

Version: 3.0

Date: 2010-12-06

Editor: Joe Andrieu, Judi Clark

Status: This document is a Kantara Initiative Work Group Report, and has been approved by the Information Sharing Work Group, for submission to the Leadership Council.

This report examines the value of information sharing, where individuals voluntarily provide information to service providers, typically in exchange for enhanced services. Shared information can be information created or curated by the disclosing party—it may or may not necessarily be about the disclosing individual. When shared information contains personally identifiable information (PII), it comes under strict protection and scrutiny. This report aims to describe the emerging information sharing phenomenon, illustrate its challenges, discuss working examples and provide recommendations to further research and development.

Filename: group report.v3.pdf

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