Identity Assurance Work Group

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RFP: The RFP for a “Revision of the descriptive text prefacing the Service Assessment Criteria of the Kantara Identity Assurance Framework” is now closed. The evaluation period is now underway through October 4. Please contact the Kantara staff with any questions.
OVERVIEW: The Identity Assurance Work Group (IAWG) has been formed within the Kantara Initiative to foster the adoption of trusted on-line identity services. To advance this goal, the IAWG will provide a forum for identifying and resolving obstacles to market and commercial acceptance that have limited broad deployment and adoption of trusted identity services thus far. The first step will be development of a global standard framework and the necessary support programs for assessing identity service providers (IdSPs) against criteria that determine the level of assurance that a relying party (RP) may assume in evaluating identity claims provided by those IdSPs. The framework and processes will be defined in a way that scales, empowers business processes and benefits individual users of identity assurance services.The framework will be the basis upon which IdSPs, RPs and their services can be certified as compliant with common policies, business rules and baseline commercial terms, avoiding redundant compliance efforts and market confusion about the substance and value of identity assurance delivered.

: Ken Dagg
VICE-CHAIR: Andrew Hughes
SECRETARY: Scott Shorter

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