Assurance Review Board

The Assurance Review Board (ARB) is the operational authoritative body of the Kantara Identity Assurance Framework Assurance Assessment Scheme (AAS) certification program. The ARB has delegated authority from the Kantara Initiative Board of Trustees to undertake assessments of all types of applications for a Grant of Rights of Use of the Kantara Initiative Assurance Trustmark and makes recommendations to the Kantara Initiative Board of Trustees for the award or denial of such Grant of a Kantara Initiative Trustmark.



(ARB Chair) Leif Johansson, Advisor, Office of the CEO SUNET – Leif Johansson leads the Kantara Initiative Assurance Review Board. His day job is spent working on identity management, strategy and business development for SUNET and various identity federations including He is actively engaged in several organizations that work for the good of the Internet including IETF, Kantara Initiative & OASIS. He serves on the board of directors for Netnod – the operator of i-root and the leading IX in northern Europe.


SAFE-BioPharma Association

Dr. Peter Alterman, Chief Operating Officer of the SAFE-BioPharma Association – Until his retirement from federal service, he was Senior Advisor to the National Program Office of the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace, NIST. Before that he served as the Senior Advisor to the NIH CIO for Strategic Initiatives, Assistant CIO for e-authentication at the National Institutes of Health and Chair of the U.S. Federal PKI Policy Authority. Dr. Alterman serves on numerous government and industry electronic identity management committees and workgroups. He has been involved in Internet technology since serving on the Federal Research Internet Coordinating Committee in 1989 and was executive sponsor and policy director for NIH iTrust, the first multi-award-winning, fully-federated SSO service in the Federal government. Peter has received numerous government and private sector awards for pioneering work in federated identity management. He received his Ph.D. in 1974 from the University of Denver.



Richard Trevorah, Technical Manager for tScheme Limited – gained his degree in ‘Computing Science’ in 1978 and has worked for nearly forty years in the IT industry. Richard currently works as an independent consultant – primarily with tScheme but also in the payments industry and, more generally, advising on electronic signatures. Through tScheme, Richard has worked with a number of UK Government departments on Identity Management projects and, in particular, is working with GDS on establishing the standards & certification processes within the Identity Assurance program. Richard was also involved in the International Collaborative Identity Management Forum, an initiative of the Aerospace & Defence industries, to try and establish a reference standard for employee authentication that can be used as a baseline in sensitive, multi-national projects. He also helped define and support the trust mechanism to be used by the European Payments Council to support electronic mandates across the Single European Payments Area.



Ann West manages the InCommon Identity Assurance Program and works with the US Research and Education community and its corporate partners on collaborative projects and services related to identity services.

Previously Ann held a joint appointment with Internet2 and EDUCAUSE, leading the outreach and education effort for their shared NSF awards with the goal of developing and deploy a national interoperable identity management infrastructure for Research and Education now known as the InCommon Federation. For her work with key stakeholders during this time, Ann received the Centennial Award for Excellence from the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers.

Prior to Internet2, Ann served as the Director of Distributed Computing Services at Michigan Technological University and was responsible for the institution’s networked and web services and enterprise identity management implementation.



 Zygma LLC

(ARB Advisor) Richard Wilsher, Founder, and CEO Zygma LLC – Richard specializes in development, implementation, audit, training, applied research, in information security management systems, as defined in ISO/IEC 27001; RGW is the US’ technical lead on ISO 27001 (and related standards), as a voting member of INCITS/CS1; definition and operation of assurance/trust frameworks (possibly the worlds most experienced implementor of such, since 1998: tScheme, e-Auth, ECAF, Kantara Id Assurance Framework (IAF) ). Specialist in FISMA/ISO 27001 harmonisation – ahead of the rest. Sept 2012, appointed as Chairman of the IdESG Accreditation & Certification Standiung Committee. And more – see the web site.


Wesley Dunnington

IMG_5146 Liaison to IAWG

Ken Dagg, Chair of IAWG 

Prior to his retirement from the Canadian Federal Government in December 2013 Mr Dagg was the senior architect of the Cyber Authentication and Identity Management Program of the Government of Canada (GC). In this role he oversaw the replacement of the government’s proprietary cyber authentication system with a new open standards based federation of online credentials from both the private and public sectors that saved the government approximately $35m annually.

Since his retirement, he has continued to participate in the Kantara Initiative Initiative Identity Assurance (IAWG), Identity Relationship Management (IRMWG) and eGovWG working groups. He is currently the chair of the Kantara Initiative IAWG.

Throughout the rest of his diverse thirty-nine year career in the government, educational, scientific and business sectors, Mr Dagg continuously provided managers at all levels with high quality advice on how to use technology to transform their operations and realize improvements in their effectiveness and efficiency.