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Kantara is the global consortium improving trustworthy use of identity and personal data through innovation, standardization, and good practice.

Kantara draws experts in the fields of identity assurance, privacy policy and information systems assessment. Members collaborate to nurture emerging technical communities, standardize practices and operate conformity assessment programs.

Members of Kantara Initiative Europe have access to Kantara Initiative Inc US’s artifacts and enjoy membership benefits equivalent to those members.

Join Kantara to:

increase your visibility in the industry
influence markets
get ahead of trends
share a table with competitors
create new strategic partnerships
generate business leads

Kantara provides:

a platform and infrastructure to develop new concepts
a lightweight set of specifications and APIs for industry to implement new concepts
a Trust Marked Trust Framework operations program for assurance and interoperability
access to international standards & policy development organizations  e.g. OECD, ISO & ITU-T
opportunities to speak at, participate in and save on conference attendance
access to opportunities for applied R&D grant funding in the US and (via Kantara Europe) the EU

See Kantara Initiative Inc. Membership Benefits in table format.

Kantara Initiative Europe is a non-profit industry association incorporated in Estonia under Registry Code 804123372 which incorporates intellectual property rights protections for its members’ contributions. Kantara Initiative Educational Foundation, Inc and Kantara Initiative Inc established in the the USA are financially separate entities.

Please read Kantara’s published policies and in particular ByLaws, Operating Procedures, Intellectual Property Rights, Privacy Policy as you will be asked to confirm your acceptance of them before signing the Membership Agreement contained within the Membership Level links below.

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Kantara Initiative Membership Structure

Membership Levels and Dues
(See Note 2 below)
Individual (personal/social/ISP email address only) 1-3 Personnel 4-100 Personnel 101-1000 Personnel Over 1000 Personnel
Director Member €18,500 €18,500 €20,000 €30,000 €45,000
Organization Member N/A €450 €3,500 €9,500 €19,000
Individual Member €150 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Trust Services operating under Kantara’s Trust Framework (see Note 3 below)
Conformance Assessment Program Processing and Registry Fees per each ACCREDITED ASSESSOR entity per domain of expertise

additional to Member Levels above. (See Note 4 below)

Per Domain (See Note 5 below) N/A €2,000 €2,500 €3,000 €6,000
Conformance Assessment Program Processing and Registry Fees per each APPROVED CSP Service or applicable Service Provider

additional to Member Levels above. (See Note 4 below)

Per Trust Mark (See Note 5 below) N/A N/A €2,500 €3,000 €6,000

Note 1: All Membership Fees are denoted in € Euro and due on an annual schedule.

Note 2: Definitions applicable to Kantara Initiative Inc Member Levels are shown in this Note. All other terms are interpreted as their dictionary
‘Personnel’ is defined as the total number of employees and fixed term contractors worldwide in the corporation, company, related companies or other entity under control of the joining entity by virtue of more than fifty percent (50%) ownership or shares/securities.
‘Director’ level membership is subject to an accompanying application and review by the Kantara Board of Directors that retains the right to deny any application at its sole discretion. Incoming Director organizations are expected to sponsor a Working Group or a project within a Work Group, or sponsor another opportunity within in 12 months of joining. Contact Us for the Board Level Membership application.
‘Organization’ is defined as a Limited Liability Company or some other form of incorporated entity or Partnership that includes Research and Education, Non-Profit and NGO sectors. Organization Level Members in the Research and Education, Non-Profit and NGO sectors may apply for partial Fees Assistance to the Board of Directors, and can include ‘Payment in Kind’ applications in line with applicable policies.
‘Individual’ is defined as a unique person that is not representing themselves in goods and services trade, nor as a Limited Liability Company or some other form of incorporated entity. Individual level members may only join (and be represented by) using a personal email address from a social network or ISP. No organization email address is permitted. Individual Level Members may apply for partial Fees Assistance to the Board of Directors, and can include ‘Payment in Kind’ applications in line with applicable policies.

Note 3: Organizations outsourcing or otherwise bringing their programs/schemes to Kantara Trust Services to operate under the Kantara Initiative Trust Framework are required to join Kantara at the applicable membership level and remain a member in good standing while the program/scheme remains active in Kantara.

Note 4: Where applicable to the member joining or renewing membership Trust Registry Listing Fees cover one CSP service per service provider entity or one (lead) Accredited Assessor per auditing entity per domain of expertise. Additional CSP services or Accredited Assessor applications from the same entity require the additional applicable processing and Trust Registry fee per Trust Mark domain (but not an additional Kantara membership fee). The Conformance Assessment Program is not available to the Individual Member Level due to potential issues of Liability. Small businesses (even those whose trading name is their own), medium size and large businesses using a business email address, may apply to be part of the Conformance Assessment Program under the Organization Member Level.

Example Kantara fee constructions:

Example #1: Organization member in the 1-3 Personnel category also an Accredited Assessor for one Trust Mark (€450 + €2,000 = €2450 total);

Example #2: Director member in the 101-1000 Personnel category, also holding 2 CSP services/brands – Acme Authentication Credential and Acme Consent Manager – (€30,000 + €3,000 + €3,000 = €36,000).

Note 5: New programs (schemes) and their respective Trust Marks become available over time. Status on a previous Program/Trust Mark must still be valid at the time of Approval/Accreditation of an additional Trust Mark by the Assurance Review Board, together with the Membership Level status verified as current (i.e. in good standing) to avoid a new application for Approval/Accreditation.