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Kantara Initiative’s expert led, open and collaborative based Recommendations & Reports, Technology Specifications, Profiles, and Frameworks bring clarity to complex issues and help to drive industry innovations regarding trust in digital services.

Kantara Initiative is an ethics based, mission-led non-profit international consortium passionate about giving control of data back to people and improving trustworthy use of identity and personal data through innovation, standardization and good practice. Kantara’s Recommendations and Reports are produced by Kantara member and non member participant volunteers as a service to themselves and to the global community of stakeholders that support Kantara’s philosophy. N.B. Each document carries IPR and Copyright notices that apply to your use and managment of these artefacts.

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Kantara Initiative Recommendations Authors
Consent Receipt Recommendation V1.1.0 Consent & Information Sharing WG
User-Managed Access (UMA) 2.0 Grant for OAuth 2.0 Authorization User Managed Access WG
Federated Authorization for User-Managed Access (UMA) 2.0 User Managed Access WG
User Managed Access (UMA) rec-oauth-uma-grant-2.0.html v1.01 and rec-oauth-uma-federated-authz-2.0.html v1.01 User Managed Access WG
Identity Assurance Framework (IAF) Identity Assurance WG
Federation Operator Guidelines V1.0 Identity Assurance WG
SAML V2.0 Implementation Profile for Federation Interoperability Federation Interoperability WG
Kantara Initiative Reports Authors
Code of Conduct for Relying Parties for services
to Government
eGovernment WG
A Proposed Licensing Model for User-Managed Access User Managed Access WG
Report from the Blockchain and Smart Contracts Discussion Group to the Kantara Initiative Blockchain and Smart Contracts DG
Refining the Design Principles of Identity Relationship Management Identity Relationship Management WG
The Design Principles of Relationship Management V1.0 Report Identity Relationship Management WG
Identity Assurance Framework – Additional Requirements for Credential Service Providers: US Federal Privacy Criteria Identity Assurance WG
Kantara Initiative eGovernment Implementation Profile of SAML V2.0 eGovernment WG
The Information Sharing Report Consent & Information Sharing WG
Personal Request For Proposal (pRFP) Engagement Model Consent & Information Sharing WG
Attribute Management Discussion Group Report Attribute Management DG
REST/SOAP Harmonization proposal for Identity-based Web-Services Telecommunications Identity WG
Deployment Guide for Proxying Assurance between OpenID and SAML Concordia DG
Consumer Identity Work Group – Interim Report Consumer Identity WG
Additional Requirements for Credential Service Providers: US Federal Privacy Criteria Identity Assurance WG
Kantara IAF-1340 Service Approval Handbook v1.0 ARB