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Spotlight on Europoint

In this edition, we would like to share more about one of our pioneer Accredited Assessors, Europoint, which has recently been awarded with a new grant of trustmark.


1) Why do you offer assurance service in this field, and how does your services provide real-world value?
Europoint provides assessment services within a wide range of assurance and it-security standards and fields. Electronic identities and the assurance for them are continuously becoming a very important component in virtual infrastructure. Our services enable our customers to establish a higher level of trust for their solutions and services to enable them to reach out to new markets.
We see an increased need for interoperability and federation between different types electronic identities in Europe and worldwide. We expect this need to grow rapidly over the next years. Accreditation of identity services based on formal frameworks will be the key to enable such interoperability on an international scale.

2) Where is your organization envisioned to be strategically in the next 5-10 years?
Europoint will be a trusted partner within compliance and assurance services. We will be offering our services in Europe and Northern America.

3) Why did you join Kantara Initiative?
We see Kantara Initiative as the leading organization for standardization of trust for electronic identities. It is logical for Europoint to be a member and to contribute to the community in this field.

4) What else should we know about your organization, the service/product, or even your own experiences?
Europoint offers advisory services and assurance services within Compliance, Information Security and IT Security. We are an independent organization that offers our services to large and security aware organizations primarily in Europe. We are by Payment Card Industry certified assessors, PCI QSA’s and PCI PA QSA’s and by Kantara Initiative Accredited Assessors.
Last year, Europoint performed the first Kantara IAF service assessment in Europe. The identity service is a solution for local and international students and researchers at Swedish universities.