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Trust Operations

Welcome to Kantara’s Trust Framework Operations Program (TFOP) – the suite of assurance services, processes and operations designed to support organizations acting in the role of Trust Framework Provider, Scheme owner, Federation Operator and Data Processor, as well as the community of service providers and relying parties associated with those roles.

This page introduces the program components of the Kantara Assurance Framework as well as the other Trust Frameworks operated by the Kantara TFOP, with links to further pages containing details to help you determine which services are right for your organization.

Since 2011 Kantara has operated governance and processes to Assess & Approve services and grant the use of Trust Marks to Service Providers in those communities that seek conformance with a given set of digital identity standards and requirements to ensure the security, data protection and privacy of a person’s identity and personal data.

Kantara’s Assurance Framework and related Programs Accredit Assessors and Approves services operated by Credential Service Providers at Assurance Levels applicable to any Trust Framework or scheme rules, based on Service Assessment Criteria developed, maintained and managed by Kantara. In doing so, Kantara formalizes and quantifies Trust in key components of the identity and personal data infrastructure, aligned with the US NSTIC program and through similar initiatives outside the US.

Markets grow by making trust, assurance and conformance more manageable, improving its quality and repeatability. Kantara’s Assurance Program is approved by the US Federal Government’s Identity and Access Management (FICAM), program which operates the FPKI Bridge CA and the Trust Framework Solutions (TFS) programs. Most Kantara Trust Marked Credential Service Providers are authorized under TFS to deliver authenticated identities to US federal agencies.

The underlying Governance and process steps of Kantara’s Trust Framework Operations Program are the same whether it’s your own Trust Framework or you adopt Kantara’s existing Assurance Framework.

Kantara’s TFOP Accredits Assessors and retains consultants experienced in Identity and Privacy management. Kantara develops, operates, maintains and governs Kantara’s own schemes (Kantara Classic and 800-63-3) that are summarized in Kantara’s Classes of Approval and can do the same for organizations like yours, enabling Trust Frameworks and Schemes to be effective, wherever they are in the world.